Special innovative solution in disinfection!

With nanotechnology and ultrasonic material application by cold fogging machine.

A completely environmentally friendly disinfectant solution for surfaces contaminated by viruses, bacteria and fungi, that contains nano silver, hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen is developed with the help of the leading Hungarian research institues and universities. It is applied with a special fogging technology, which, thanks to its micro-level vaporization, disinfects the entire surface of the objects and the entire area of the room without drops, even those parts that are not accessible by hand.

With this procedure, we are able to cover the entire area and airspace of a given room, as the disinfectant spreads in the form of mist and can fill even the tiniest gap.


The disinfection is done with ultrasonic fog machines, which can cover the entire surface and the airspace of the premise! The essence of the process is that the disinfectant spreads in the form of drops and can fill even the tiniest gap, covering areas that are difficult to access.

The nano silver-based disinfectant we use provides lasting protection against virus, bacteria, fungi and algae. We will hand over a worksheet of the disinfection we have done!

When the disinfecting is done, we provide a date sticker to the entrance of the disinfected area confirming that disinfection has been carried out, which communicates the hygienic steps taken to the guests!