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Our goal is to ensure the highest water quality to everyone!

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We started to work on our product to develop an excellent and innovative water disinfection solution that can be sustainably used in different industrials and that can effectively exterminate wide spectre of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

With significant knowledge of the market requirements in the water disinfection industry, our equipment was developed based on user demands and we continuously improving it.

Our equipment produces disinfecting liquid on the site in required quantity of use. We have designed a special cell producing the disinfectant from common salt, water and electricity. The disinfecting solution consists of several oxidants, so it can effectively exterminate viruses, fungi and bacteria thanks to its complex composition. It can be successfully used against those microorganisms that are resistant to traditional chemicals.

Our disinfecting liquid is biocide. It is not qualified as dangerous material, so the rules concerning storage and use of chemicals are not effective in its case. Our innovative and effective disinfection procedure is environmentally sound compared with other current solutions and can be sustainably operated also in industrial areas.

Our solution and equipment can be expansively used in different areas:

Our solution and equipment can be inserted into existing systems simply, very quickly and without modifications and also can be installed as a supplement for existing disinfection procedures or their replacement.

The NanoCleanWorld Ionsix machine produces extra disinfection liquid if it is needed what can be tapped. It is perfect for disinfecting the surfaces by cold fogging or wiping, mopping and also suitable to the NanoCleanWorld disinfection tunnels .