There are several different methods of cleaning pipelines, which can be employed with more or less success, according to the field experience.

The most widespread solutions are usually mechanical cleaning, for example pigging, or using sponges. Loose wastes are usually washed out by hydraulic flushing.

All methods have their own drawbacks: during the mechanical cleanings the pigs or sponges often get stuck and cause jams. Hydraulic flushes mean you have to calculate with extensive use of water, which goes wasted. In order to manage this problem we developed special gels, first for the oil industry, which made the inside cleaning of hydrocarbon transmission lines much more simpler and effective.

Starting out from here, NanoCleanWorld and the Szeged University together developed an environmentally friendly gel, which can be safely used in cleaning of drinking water- and industrial (food, pharma, gas, oil) pipeline systems.

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