Oil and gas industry

Application of hydrogel technology in the oil and gas industry.

Our patented technology is based on a special gel made from food industry ingredients and equipment for gel delivery.

We offer a fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the following work with pipelines:

  • cleaning
  • disinfection
  • dehydration or drainage
  • corrosion protection
  • and the separation of various liquid materials transported in the pipes
  • furthermore, for removing stuck objects in the pipeline, such as cleaning plugs

All this without breaking the system and the pipe network!

In the case of the gas pipeline, our technology is excellent for cleaning before commissioning the gas supply system and for maintaining the multi-kilometre surface pipelines connecting the gas well and the gas tanks in the gas plant, as the pipelines are subject to rapid corrosion due to the composition of the extracted natural gas.

Due to the temperature differences in the pipelines, condensation starts, the direct consequence of which is the formation of water. Various harmful bacteria multiply in the water, creating oxidation processes, thus initiating corrosion of the network. These bacterial colonies are destroyed by biocides delivered by the gels, thus reducing the formation of internal corrosion.


Water condensation
Water formation + bacterial growth

Thanks to our hydrogel technology, the pipelines inside the refinery can also be easily cleaned.

In the case of oil pipelines, the resinous materials in the extracted crude oil, asphaltenes, ceresins, sand, scale and rust cause deposits in the pipeline network located between the site and the refinery. Preventive measures must be taken to ensure that the performance of the pipeline is not reduced.

Hydrogel technology, combined with the cleaning plug, not only cleans and disinfects the pipeline without problems and cost-effectively, but is also suitable for consecutively separating hydrocarbon liquids (petrol and diesel) in pipelines after refining, thereby saving many thousands of cubic meters of fuel and the cost of hazardous waste removal.

Advantages of our technology are:

  • it is a fully mobile, hydraulic system, therefore no electricity is required to operate it
  • it is not necessary to dismantle the pipe network for its construction
  • it cleans and disinfects at the same time
  • the structure produces the hydrogel and disinfectant on site
  • it is 100% environmentally friendly
  • the duration of construction can be accurately calculated
  • it is cost-efficient