Hydrogel technology for Food and pharmaceutical industry

The cleaning and disinfection of food industry and pharmaceutical pipelines

Our patented technology is based on a special gel made from food industry ingredients and equipment for gel delivery.

We offer a fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the following work with pipelines:

All this without breaking the system and the pipe network!

As our technology is 100% environmentally friendly and contains only food industry ingredients, it meets all the requirements that can be effectively used for the professional cleaning and disinfection of the piping systems of:

The gel does not push the impurities in front of it, but collects them due to its turbulent rotation.

During the implementation, we connect our mobile devices to the pipeline network of the given factory unit. A 30-70 meter long gel train is introduced into the system, consisting of successive hydrogel and disinfectant sections. The gel train moves forward under the effect of water pressure.

The push gel breaks down the deposits inside the piping and the disinfectant kills the various pathogens lurking beneath them. The pick-up gel adheres to the elements thus broken down. At the point of discharge, the train, together with the collected dirt, can be freely released into nature, where it decomposes into completely environmentally friendly elements in a few days.

Advantages of our technology are: